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Hello, my name is Alex "Bones" Bonesteel. As a lifelong learner, I understand that adopting a new skill can be both exciting and challenging. That’s why I’m committed to supporting you every step of the way. I have experience working with all types in multiple sports areas and  helping them reach their highest potential. Get in touch to learn more.

I have been bowling for over 25 years and have been able to put those years of experience to use assisting in high school programs. Whether you are new to the sport of bowling and are interested in learning to impress your friends on your monthly outing or just want to improve your current scores in your league, I am here for you.



PBA Member 

I am currently staffed with California Bowling and Creating the Difference.

Bowling Shot

Honor Scores
7- 300's
2- 800 Series

Current Bowling Arsenal

  • Lane Masters Power Strike Cherry

  • Legends Black Pearl Legend

  • Legends Morpheus Dream

  • Lord Field Blizzard Shock

  • SWAG Black Pearl Treasure

  • SWAG Big Bro Burn Up

  • SWAG Big Bro Burn Up LE

  • SWAG Fantasy Daze

  • SWAG Geek Meme

  • SWAG Graffiti Tracker

  • SWAG Jerk Hybrid

  • SWAG Joker

  • SWAG Show Me The Money

  • SWAG Yolo Rocks

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